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South Africa

The Doldrums Kite Club, Gauteng, South Africa http://doldrums.tripod.com/

The South African Kite Flyers Association http://sakfa.tripod.com/sakfa.html




Asean Kite Council (AKC) Association of Southeast Asian Countries, Kite Council

Established in 2004, with 7 original members, it has now grown to connect all the Southeast Asian countries to preserve and promote their kite traditions. Among their duties of this organization is to improve relations in the kite associations of these countries, associate with the ASEAN Secretariat, to disseminate kite information, collaborate in kite programming, raise funds for the activities. For further information contact: Orlando Ongkingco, Deputy President II at kiteasia@yahoo.com



Royal Kite Flyers Club, Ahmedabad, India http://www.ahmedabadkiteflyers.org/

Sun City Kite Club http://www.kitesonlines.org/asghar/

Team Magalore http://www.indiankites.com/

 Vibrant Kite Club http://www.vibrantkiteclub.com


AJSKA All Japan Sport Kiting Association http://www.ajska.gr.jp/

Japan Kite Association http://www.tako.gr.jp/


Korean Kite Fliers Club http://cafe.daum.net/yeonssaum/

Korean Traditional Kites Association http://www.ekitekorea.com/index.asp






Kite Association of the Philippines: Orlando Ongkingco at kiteasia@yahoo.com



Singapore Kite Association http://singaporekites.com/



Thailand Kitefliers Association http://www.angelfire.com/biz/ThaiKites/thaikites.html





Grenada Kite Club





Dark Horse Kite Flyers, Fano, Denmark http://www.darkhorsekiteflyers.co.uk/

Fano Classics, Fano, Denmark http://www.classic-kites.org/

Rander-Kite Club http://www.randers-dragefestival.dk/klub.html

Sjaellands Drageklub http://www.sjaellandsdrageklub.dk/



Kite Club of Finland http://www.leijaseura.fi/



Manjha Club International http://www.salome-online.com/manjha/



Drachen an der Leine, Hannover, Germany http://www.dadl.de/

Fessel-Drachen-Flieger http://www.fdf-stade.de/index.html

German Parakart Association Kitessailing http://www.gpa-kitesailing.de/

Dragon Club Grisu http://www.dcgrisu.de/

Hamburg Kite Club, Drachengruppe http://www.drachengruppe-hamburg.de/



Irish Power Ktie and Sandyacht Association http://www.ipksa.info/

Not A Kite Club http://www.notakiteclub.com/



Kite Sport http://www.kite.co.il/



Associazione Italiana Aquilioni da Trazione (Italian Traction Kiting Club, AIAT) http://users.libero.it/jeep.friz/

Club Cervia Volante, Cervia, Italy http://www.cerviavolante.it/

Dracho Volans Pistoia, Italy http://www.dracovolanspt.org/

Fighter Kite Italy http://www.dracovolanspt.org/FKitesHome.htm

Italian Kite Association http://users.libero.it/nik.kites/



108 Kites Club, Vilnius, Lithuania http://www.108.lt/



Blue Sky Kite Club, Bettange-sur-Mess, Luxembourg http://www.bluesky.lu/



Dutch Kite Symphony, Groningen/Bovensmilde, Netherlands http://www.dutchkitesymphony.com/alg_best/index_dks.htm

KRACHT http://www.globalxs.nl/home/a/away/

Stijgkracht http://www.stijgkracht.nl/



Aerials Kite Club http://club.aerialis.no/



Polish Kite Club http://republika.pl/lataki/bank.html



Kiev Kite Flyers Club http://kite.net.ua/



Irvine Flyers http://www.irvineflyers.co.uk/

Kite Club of Scotland http://www.kcos.org/



AEKAP Asociacion Espanola de Kite Buggy, Spain http://www.aekb.es/

Augas Santas Kite Surf Club, Ribatero, Spain http://www.augassantaskite.com/



Ucurtma Dunyasi http://ucurtmadunyasi.com/ud_english.html

Marti Kite Club http://ucurtmakulubu.com/


United Kingdom

Avon Kitefliers http://www.avonkiteflyers.org.uk/

The Kite Society of England 30 Kite Club, Genova, Italy http://trenta.altervista.org/joomla/index.php

Brighton Kite Flyers, Brighton, England http://www.brightonkiteflyers.co.uk/

British Buggy Club, England http://www.bpka.co.uk/

British Kite Flying Association http://www.bkfa.org.uk/

Cleeve Common Flyers, Dark Horse Kite Fliers, Fano, United Kingdom http://www.darkhorsekiteflyers.co.uk/

Golden Valley Kite Fliers http://www.gvkf.org.uk/

Great Ouse Kite Flyers http://www.gokf.co.uk/

Kent Kite Flyers http://www.kentkiteflyers.org.uk/xoops/

Kite Weekenders http://www.kiteweekenders.co.uk/Home.html

Kites in Shrewsbury http://www.jordan1616.f9.co.uk/

North East Ktie Fliers http://www.nekf.org/

North Hants Buggy Club http://www.northhantsbuggy.org.uk/

Poole Kite Fliers http://poolekites.co.uk/

Sheffield Kite Fliers http://www.sheffieldkitefliers.co.uk/web/

Solent Kite Flyers http://www.solentkiteflyers.co.uk/

Suffolk Kite Fliers Club http://skfc.co.uk/v2/

The Kite Society of Great Britain http://www.thekitesociety.org.uk/

The Midlands kIte Fliers of Great Britain http://www.mkf.org.uk/

Mobius Flix Trick and Freestyle Kite Club http://www.whisky-bottle.co.uk/mobius05/kites.htm

The Northern Kite Group http://www.nkg.org.uk/

The Parakart Association http://www.parakartassociation.co.uk/

The Thorpe Kite Flyers http://www.thorpekiteflyers.btinternet.co.uk/

Whitehorse Kite Flyers http://www.whkf.org.uk/

Poole Kite Fliers complete listing of UK kite Clubs http://poolekites.co.uk/surveys/index.htm#1


Middle East



Kuwait Kite Team http://kuwaitkitesteam.com/





Adelaide Kite Flyers http://www.akfa.net.au/index.htm

Australian Kite Association http://www.aka.org.au/

Australian Kitefliers Society http://www.aks.org.au/

Kitemakers of Tasmania http://www.taskite.org.au

Queensland Kite Flyers http://qldkiteflyerssociety.com.au/

Redcliffe Kite Club http://www.redcliffekiteclub.org.au/


New Zealand

New Zealand Kitefliers Association http://www.nzka.org.nz/


South America



BaToCo Barriletes, Buenos Aires, Argentina http://www.batoco.org/



Kogui Kite Club, Bogota, Colombia http://tkogunn1.tripod.com/kiteclubs.htm

Yaripa Kite Club, Yaripa, Colombia


North America



BCKA British Columbia Kitefliers Association, Vancouver, BC http://bcka.bc.ca/

Canadian Kite Federation http://www.kitescanada.org/kite-clubs/canadian-kite-federation Canadian Kite Riders, Ontario, Canada

Dieppe Sky Lines Kite Club http://lignes-au-ciel.ca/Activites/index-en.html

Eastern League Sport Kite Association http://www.easternleague.net/

Essex Kite Fliers, Ontario, Canada http://tkogunn1.tripod.com/kiteclubs.htm

Federation Quebecoise du Cerf-Volant http://www.fqcv.org/

Kitchener-Waterloo Windclimbers http://www.windclimbers.ca/

Niagara Windriders Kite Association http://www.windriders.niagara.com/

Royal City Fun Flyers http://home.golden.net/~billpe/



Elemental Kite Club http://www.elementalkiteclub.com

Kite Club Hatteras, Playa del Carmen, Mexico http://www.kiteclubhatteras.com/winter-sessions


United States

AKA American Kitefliers Association http://www.aka.kite.org/




7100 Bearfoot Dr APT 1
Anchorage, AK
Phone: (907) 227-8711
Email: alaskiters at gmail.com
Website: www.alaskiters.com




Route 66 Kite Club http://www.tmsquared.com/R66KC.htm




Bay Area Sport Kite League
1104 Brittany Hills Ct
Martinez, CA
Phone: (925) 228-1983
Email: president at baskl.org
Website: www.baskl.org


Candy And Kites Kite Club
PO Box 8 Bodega Bay, CA
Phone: (707) 875-3777
Email: david at candyandkites.com
Website: www.candyandkites.com


San Diego Kite Club
1647 Poinciana Dr
El Cajon, CA
Phone: (619) 258-7066
Email: president at sandiegokiteclub.com
Website: www.sandiegokiteclub.com


Up Up and Away Kite Club http://www.kiteclub.org/

Ventura County Kite Flyers http://www.vckf.org/




Foothills Club
1013 Paloverde Dr
Loveland, CO
Phone: (970) 302-9727
Email: w1ndyw3b at hotmail.com
Website: www.foothillskiteclub.com


Rocky Mountain Kite Association
1350 C St
Golden, CO
Phone: (720) 237-2727
Email: robin at boulderjunk.com




Connecti KITERS
105 Corbin Rd
Hamden, CT
Phone: (203) 288-1582
Email: arembe at comcast.net
Website: www.connectikiters.org/




Central Florida Cloud Chasers
1641 Staunton St
The Villages, FL
Phone: 352-259-9768
Email: noemail122336 at aka.kite.org


Treasure Island Sport Kite Klub http://www.tiskk.org/




Suburban Atlanta Kite Enthusiasts
8257 Winston Way
Jonesboro, GA
Phone: (770) 471-7923
Email: hgroover at mindspring.com
Website: www.atlantakites.org/



Illinois Kite Enthusiasts
859 10th St
Charleston, IL
Phone: (217) 621-5305
Email: kitemike at gmail.com
Website: www.ikeclub.org




Hoosier Kitefliers Society, Inc
181 Avon Pkwy
Avon, IN
Phone: (317) 272-0187
Email: smilehiindy at netzero.net
Website: www.hoosierkite.org




Topeka Kite Fliers http://www.topekakitefliers.com/




Wings Over the Red Kite Club http://wingsoverthered.tripod.com/index.html




Nor Easters
354 Ocean St South
Portland, ME
Phone: (207) 799-1045
Email: theesch at main.rrl.com
Website: noreasterkites.com




Wings Over Washington
13406 Staffordshire Pl
Germantown, MD
Phone: (410) 533-9604
Email: jeffking81 at yahoo.com
Website: www.wowkiteclub.com




Kites Over New England
4 Alice Ave
Billerica, MA
Phone: (978) 667-1841
Email: koneinfo at verizon.net
Website: www.kone.org




Back 2 the Wind Kite Club http://www.back2thewind.com/index.html




Minnesota Kite Society
3018 Idaho Ave N
Crystal, MN
Phone: (763) 536-8552
Email: cheapsheep2001 at yahoo.com
Website: www.mnkites.org/




Gateway Kite Club
720 W 8th St
Washington, MO
Phone: none listed
Email: gatewaykites at gmail.com
Website: groups.yahoo.com/group/gkc-stl/




DOTA Department of Tethered Aviation http://www.dotarocks.net/

Reno Nevada Kite Club http://kitesplus.com/newsite/RNKC/index.html


New Jersey


Liberty High Spirits Of 14B
PO Box 283
Rochelle Park, NJ
Phone: (201) 489-7186
Email: noemail120056 at aka.kite.org
Website: www.geocities.com/lhso14b/


South Jersey Kite Flyers
PO Box 481
Sicklerville, NJ
Phone: (215) 722-4092
Email: mikedallmer at comcast.net


New York


Great Lakes Kitefliers Society
PO Box 331
Buffalo, NY
Phone: (716) 731-5653
Email: dancer at kitestrings.net
Website: www.flyglks.com


North Carolina


Corolla Island Airheads
PO Box 247
Corolla, NC
Phone: (252) 255-3054
Email: info at flyingsmileskites.com


WACKOS The Wings Across Carolina Kiting and Okra Society http://www.wackos.org/

The Triangle Kite Association http://www.ipass.net/lewsther/kindex.htm


North Dakota


Wings on Strings http://www.wingsonstrings.org/




Associated Oregon Kitefliers
PO Box 25616
Portland, OR
Phone: (541) 996-4627
Email: tucoolkites at earthlink.net


Rev Guild
1236 N Killingsworth St APT 3
Portland, OR
Phone: (503) 892-0280
Email: pres at revguild.org


Rogue Valley Windchasers
1171 Queens Branch Rd
Rogue River, OR
Phone: (541) 582-4220
Email: windchasers at charter.net
Website: www.windchasers.org




Keystone Kiters
832 Meadow Ln
Camp Hill, PA
Phone: (717) 975-2852
Email: sodedako at aol.com
Website: www.keystonekiters.com



Pocono Kite Symphony 
189 Analomink St East 
Stroudsburg, PA 
Phone: (570) 421-6562 
Email: president at poconokitesymphony.com 
Website: www.lehighvalleykitesociety.org




Dallas Area Kitefliers Organization http://www.dako.us/


Go Big Or Go Home Kite Club
106 Main St
Marble Falls, TX
Phone: (830) 598-2414
Email: drgayle at zeecon.com


South Houston Area Recreational Kiter http://home.flash.net/~swikel/sharkfiles/index.htm

South Padre Island Kite Enthusiasts http://www.spike.dwebz.net/

TKO Sport Kite Team, Texas http://tko.sportkite.team.tripod.com/home.htm

Wind Weavers, Abilene, Texas http://windweavers.tripod.com/home.htm




Utah Kite Fliers http://www.gwtwforum.com/index.php?topic=163.0




Sweet Virginia Breeze, listing of VA kite clubs http://www.kites.org/svb/




Ben Franklin Kite Society
2801 S Kent St
Kennewick, WA
Phone: (509) 627-6751
Email: zilarlm at charter.net


Lilac City Wind Chasers
5916 N Oak
Spokane, WA
Phone: (509) 327-7199
Email: cxbil at aol.com


Pierce County Kiteflyers Assn
18918 80th Avenue Ct E
Puyallup, WA
Phone: (253) 846-9082
Email: prez at pcka.org
Website: www.pcka.org


Washington Kitefliers Association
200 2nd Ave N
Seattle, WA
Phone: (425) 822-4605
Email: president at wka-kiteflyers.org
Website: WWW.WKA-Kiteflyers.org


Westport Windriders
5440 N 49th St
Tacoma, WA
Phone: (253) 752-7051
Email: kytpepl at aol.com
Website: www.westportwindriders.org


Whidbey Island Kite Flyers
PO Box 295
Coupeville, WA
Phone: (360) 678-7052
Email: lroot0208 at aol.com
Website: www.whidbeykiteclub.org


Washington DC


Wings Over Washington Kite Club http://www.wowkiteclub.com/




Kite Society of Wisconsin and Illinois
2266 N Prospect Ave STE 501
Milwaukee, WI
Phone: (414) 277-9121
Email: thekswi at yahoo.com


Wisconsin Kiters http://www.wisconsinkitersclub.com/index.html



Fighter Kite Central http://www.fighterkitecentral.com/

Eastern League Sport Kite Association http://www.easternleague.net/International

Kiteboarding Associastion http://www.ikointl.com/

NABX North American Buggy eXpo http://www.nabx.net/

North American Power Kiting Association http://www.napkra.org/

Northwest Flighter Kite Association http://www.eskimo.com/~johnsen/nfka/

Northwest Sport Kite League http://nwskl.org/

STACK http://www.stackuk.org/index.php?section=1

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